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Warehousing Services
ILHAM Co warehouse facilities are dry and heated premises, which meet all the requirements of cargo storage. Total area of the warehouse complex is over 850 m2. Up-to-date technical equipment enables to efficiently receive and transmit data of incoming cargo, to carry out efficient cargo handling, arrange accompanying papers and dispatch them to the address specified by the Client.

The ILHAM Co Company provides the following warehouse services:

  • Safekeeping;
  • Consolidation of cargo consignments;
  • Cargo handling (loading and unloading operations, premises for warehousing, packing, application of the necessary marking ) in accordance with the instructions of the cargo owner;
  • Notification of the Client on the delivery and dispatch of cargo;
  • Preparation of necessary transport documents upon request of the Client.
The Company is always willing to offer the optimum alternative for your cargo storage, which ensures avoiding of extra expenditures, time and money.